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Company only accept orders to provide enough accurate information to the address, telephone number, buyers name ... After you order, we will get back to check information and adding the agreement concerned.

Address delivered to the consignee information, address, phone number correctly and clearly. We are not responsible when you write the wrong recipient information.
vnvn_web_design_terms_of_useCost includes payment for the shipping costs should you see the amount you must pay before completing the order.

Company does not sell products to people under 13. If you are under 13, you are required to have the consent of a parent or guardian to make a purchase from the website.

A number of other cases: value too large orders, shipping address in the alley / lane, outside the area of the unit transport or delivery can lead to danger. We may refuse to apply for direct delivery.

Customers expect sympathy!

1. Make payment through your bank account number:
In this way the customer will pay 100% amount 40,000 products + shipping. Products will be delivered to your door for no additional customers and regardless of any other charges. Get every time depending on customer location.

2. Payment at home:
Customers need to fill out the form with the terms purchase required.