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LG WD-8600

Sunday, January 18, 20156:31 PM(View: 10241)
LG WD-8600

Warranty: 12 month
Capacity: 166 lit
Dimensions: 520cmx580cmx1200cm
Color: Silver metallic
Refrigerator: Large freezer
Cooling mode: Multi-dimensional flow
Anti-bacterial & Odor: Silver Ag clean
Lighting: LED light
Fast ice: 2 hours
Tray: Plastic
Control: Electronics
Shell material: Powder coating
Weight: 32 kg
Factory: AVNlink
Made: Vietnam
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Capacity: 10.5 Kg, milking speed: 700 rounds / min. Automatic balancing system, 10 different washing programs. Axis shaking washing 3 times, 3 speed cleaning, wringing combination, 4 water level, temperature 4.